NEWSLETTER: New Functions for handheld spectrometer

New Functions for handheld spectrometer

We are delighted to tell you the new functions of SGM’s newest version. In SGM 2.2.0, we create a unique function called „Smart Pass“, this function allows lighting passport’s user share their measurement data to anyone, as long as their smart device has installed SGM. We also add „GPS Orientation“ showing at saving page, it can help users know the measurement location. The results display of „Multiple“ also add the IEC-SDCM (McAdam Ellipse) and ANSI Bin (C78.377-2008). The details are as follows.

„Smart Pass“ is a revolutionary function of handheld spectrometer. User can share their measurement data by email and if the recipient’s smart device has be installed the corresponding app, recipient can import the data to their smart device. With „Smart Pass“, Spectrum Genius App series will not only an application of handheld spectrometer but also a platform. Your measurement data can be shared everyone in this platform.

We believe, the „Smart Pass“ function will effectively help users for:

  1. Business Communication:

DM and Catalog are going to become the past, the measurement data of your product will be completely showed on your customer’s smart device; those real measurement data are not only unlike traditional written material, also be more trusted.

  1. Worldwide Procurement Comparison:

Please try to imagine it, you are in an international lighting exhibition and looking at interested merchandise, while receiving the other exhibition’s product information of the other side of the globe, and immediately was compared. That will be people aspire procurement efficiency, and „Smart Pass“ can support you.

  1. Cloud Data Library:

In the cloud network era, data backup in the cloud drive, or share out is already the norm. „Smart Pass“ can allow user backup the measurement data to anywhere, you can make the transfer or share files to other mobile devices by a simple import mechanism.


As well as, „GPS Orientation“ is an interesting function; as you may already know, most of smart phone’s photos show the location of photo, the „GPS Orientation“ is starting from this concept; with it, user can save their measurement location by GPS and show that place by device’s map system. User can also combined with “Smart Pass“ function to make recipient get the measurement location.

The GPS function only supports the device which has GPS capability, and this new version will be submitted for Apple store review at December 18; we will be published the operating information of new functions on our website on Friday (December 19), and please sync updated these to your website on Friday.

Smart Pass:


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