Lighting Secrets from One of the World’s Most Famous Museums

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Lighting Secrets from One of the World’s Most Famous Museums

The National Palace Museum, located in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei, drew a total of 4.67 million visitors in 2016, making it the world’s sixth most-visited museum according to a report produced by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the engineering firm AECOM.

As a leading producer of lighting measurement instruments, Asensetek is excited to be able to reveal one of the secrets to the National Palace Museum’s astonishing success by taking you on a unique tour of the museum’s exhibits from the perspective of lighting applications and spectrum measurements.

Using Lighting Passport, the world’s most powerful handheld smart spectrometer, we meticulously collected nearly 100 lighting samples from various exhibits throughout the National Palace Museum, including the world-famous „Jadeite Cabbage“ and „Meat-shaped Stone“ created during the Qing Dynasty, as well as numerous Chinese ceramics, bronzeware, calligraphy, and ink paintings.

To access these exclusive lighting measurements which showcase the National Palace Museum’s highly successful lighting techniques, click here.



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