Entirely New Asensetek 8 Key Updates For a Quick Start

To be closer to the demand of every user, Asensetek provides the most humanized design interface. The website upgrade has 8 key updates. It has perfect use logic and new functions, whether for product service or mobile browsing, hoping all users, old or new, can experience the most convenient service.

8 Key Updates Meeting All Demands at One Time

(1)   New visual design of the website – improves your reading comfort.

The new website features an enlarged font size, uniform typeface and fresh and simple style so as to enhance the users’s reading comfort. Moreover, images used are about real people interacting with their gadgets, which is closer to the actual use of devices by every user.

(2)   Suitable for various mobile devices  allows you to obtain complete information easily.

As every user has different demands, we set the optimal browsing design for computers, smartphones and iPads. On each device, the screen is clear and concise. Users can not only get the complete information easily, but also search for the corresponding content without any hassle.

(3)   Experts’s recommendation – gives you the most honest opinions.

We selected several professional users who have tried this product already to share their experiences of using it to serve as a reference for those who haven’t bought Lighting Passport.

(4)   Buying guide recommendation  lets you easily determine what your needs are.

To make you easily determine the functions they need, we’ve developed a buying guide questionnaire which can analyze the product that best meets your needs based on the results. By referring to the analysis results, it saves you valuable time,as this is less time consuming than traditional Q&As.


(5)   Lighting Knowledge – provides you access to all kinds of information easily.

We’ve classified lighting knowledge based on different applications: General Lighting, Horticulture & Agriculture, Film & TV & Studio & Photography, Transmittance. Users can now find related knowledge according to their needs.


(6)    Product operation instruction – learn how to operate Lighting Passport instantly.

As humans understand pictures better than texts, we’ve made a series of instructional videos about the important functions of Lighting Passport.


(7)    Annual exhibition list  link to Google Calendar conveniently.

When the annual exhibition list is arranged in chronological order, customers can add the exhibition dates in their Google Calendar so that they will never miss the events.


(8)    Further reading – absorb a great deal of useful information.

Below every article, one can find links to recommended articles of related contents so that users can have easy access to additional information.

Since Lighting Passport was launched, it has won the trust and approval of famous manufacturers and professionals all over the world. Professor Fang Wei from the Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering, National Taiwan University and Jim Benya, the lighting designer who won the Edison Award in 2008, are among the customers who like Lighting Passport.

Library of Congress and b. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao – have also introduced Lighting Passport to select suitable lighting. Thanks to the support and encouragement of brands from all over the world, we’re more confident to refine our products in this field. Asensetek will continue to provide everyone with top-quality products and services in the future.

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