Asensetek newsletter. Sept. 2017 – New App SGM+ launched

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Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus (SGM+) APP is one of the Fully Upgraded and Elevated “Spectrum Genius App Series” which delivers more intuitive and comprehensive service for Lighting Passport users!
Six New Features and Functions
(1) Cloud storage: Activate synchronizing function, able to synchronize measurement records to “Spectrum Genius” cloud platform promptly, no need to worry about data losses while changing devices, and can check the data through computer, edit all App records, truly bring your data with you.
(2) Publish your Spectrum: You can find other user’s public spectrums on the cloud platform, find your favorite spectrum, and also can publish your spectrums to whole world by one click.
(3) Search for records: You can rapidly look for your target spectrum through documents by looking for file name. Users who have multiple data records no longer need to spend a lot of time looking for records anymore
(4) Multiple share: Records will be chosen more easily
(5) Tag setting / spectral categories: Sorting time will be saved
(6) Data Filter: Able to display the parameters you want to show in the measurement result page, such as CCT, Duv, TLCI, TM-30-15, Rf/Rg, etc.
Spectrum Genius Mobile Plus APP
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SGM+ (iOS) SGM+ (Google Paly) SGM+(360)
About Spectrum Genius
So far, Asensetek has been focusing on the development of related equipment in lighting industry and listening carefully to the advice and demand from our clients in various kinds of fields. To provide more professional and convenient experience, we kept thinking how to bring value to our users. We want to make our products not just for single interface operation, but can use them on multiple platform for reading and sharing. Therefore, for the full service, “Spectrum Genius” cloud service was born.
Asensetek launched “Spectrum Genius Plus” series applications for Android and iOS in succession for multiple lighting fields in September, 2017. Combined with “Spectrum Genius” cloud platform, users need only one account to synchronize measurement records immediately. Users don’t have to worry about data lost issue when changing mobile devices. You can check and edit your records from the App on your computers. We let records follow you everywhere!
“Spectrum Genius” brings endless possibilities for the lighting field. We devote ourselves to continuously providing innovative products and services benefiting development of the industry and persist in doing something valuable so as to help every user of “Spectrum Genius” to work wisely and brilliantly.
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