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Find the best grow light for your plants – create your own reference!

As the spread of the LED technology being used in agricultural applications, NASA deep space missions and other agricultural laboratories have dived into the development for artificial grow lights. Climate change, lack of sunshine, and population explosion are all proofs that LED grow light technology will the answer to world hunger and the disparity in food distribution, and also will be the core of the next generation agriculture.

However, a big problem with currently available LED grow light in the market is that they vary dramatically in specifications and failed to provide the reliable and suitable lights for the growers to cultivate good quality products. The lack of a clear and uniformed standard to judge their grow lights and the weak management of either the quantity and quality of their grow light distribution all contribute to high costs for both LED grow light development, as well as plant cultivations.

Your much more convenient option

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting“ APP is the most comprehensive and professional APP for grow lights measurement.When used together with the world’s first SMART spectrometer „Lighting Passport,“ they help you accurately and precisely select the grow lights that suit the needs of your plants, leading to a much more efficient cultivation.

Your one-for-all choice

Traditionally, it requires not only a PAR meter, but a lux meter, a spectrometer, DLI meter, one or two meters for R / IR just to get a complete data for developers to spend more time analyzing, comparing, determining the perfect grow light.

What a waste of time! With Lighting Passport all you need is one.

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Asensetek PAR Generator

The New PAR Data Generator Program!!!

SGAL Reference Generator“ is a Excel Macro program for users to create  a PAR data suitable for their own plants growth and further import the data to the reference library of the SGAL APP.

The imported PAR data will be displayed on the “Reference Library“ of “Diary“, “Single“, “Multiple“ and “Comparison,” and this new feature will also help users effectively evaluate, select, and develop their LED growth lights.
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