How to get your own Apple ID

Das erste echte Smart Spektrometer - Lichtspektrum mit Smartphone messen

How to get your own Apple ID


Recently Asensetek, the manufacturer of the handheld lightingpassport spectrometer, created several marvelous new functions for end customer.

However Asensetek also found that some of end customers can’t get these new functions, because they were not aware of the way to make a new Free APPLE ID.

The following text explains how you can create a new FREE Apple ID, simple and fast:

Please follow the steps below:

Thanks for using Lighting Passport-Flagship

For Spectrum Genius-Mobile APP free-update timeless, we suggest you to remove the installed SGM APP and re-install a new one by using your own APPLE ID. Please follow the steps below:


  1. If you don’t have   your own APPLE ID, please follow the instruction link( to apply a new one.
  2. Touch the SGM APP for a while and the cross icon(X) will appear on the left-top of the APP icon. Then tap the cross icon to remove APP
  3. Go to appstore and search „Spectrum Genius Mobile“.Then use your own APPLE ID to install it.
  4. Now, enjoy this powerful APP




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