NEW! „Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting“ is the best tool for grow light measurement.

Das erste echte Smart Spektrometer - Lichtspektrum mit Smartphone messen

NEW! „Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting“ is the best tool for grow light measurement.

SGAL Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting App for Smart Spectrometer

In this month, the worldwide first smart spectrometer Lighting Passport’s manufacturer, Asensetek, launched a new App for checking grow-lamps and horticultural lighting, called Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL). The SGAL is worth 3,000 USD, and users can download this new App for free for a limited time.

In recent years various countries weather is obviously abnormal, and the extreme weather caused huge impact on the production of food crops; with advances in technology, agriculture and LED technology are to combine to form one new option, „plant factory“.

LED grow lights offer quality for growing, the worldwide grow lights for plant factory markets are poised to achieve significant growth. Checking the grow light distribution at the right wavelengths and proving the light help the growth of the plant has become the most important issue nowadays.

Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) is in this context to develop of the application. With the worldwide first smart spectrometer, Lighting Passport, SGAL will provide several unique convenience features for users.

Such as “Ref. Spectrum which helps users to understand the true spectral needs of various plants, then analyze if the light source is suitable, and further adjust the light source more effectively. “Weighted Spectrum on the other hand, helps users to analyze / monitor the effectiveness of the light source under different wavelengths, and guarantees a more effective light source and a better environment for the health and growth of the plants.

Spektrometer Lighting Passport Pflanzenbeleuchtung licht messen


In addition, Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL) provide users to quickly obtain complete data for the needs of the plants being cultivated, such as original measurement spectrum, PAR weighted spectrum, PPFD (Total, IR, R, G, B, UV), YPFD (Total, IR, R, G, B, UV), R/ B, R/IR, Efficiency (%), illuminance (lux), Peak Wavelength (λp), CCT, CRI (Re), CIE 1931, and CIE 1976.

In the past, users need PAR meter, Lux meter, spectrometer, and R / IR meter etc. to get those data, and they still need to spend time analyze those data, now SGAL and Lighting Passport can easily solve all your needs, as well as more and more new features and parameters will be added to SGAL by App update.

Lastly, with the new APP, Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (SGAL), is published, Asensetek believe the world’s first „Smart Spectrometer – Lighting Passport“ will bridge the lighting-related industries‘ communication and truly help users to get the convenience in their work, as well as Asensetek will publish more and more professional App in the future.


More information about „Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting“  >>>

Download Spectrum Genius APP

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